Monday, August 16, 2010

iPad Was Released With Known Security Issue

Apple released the iPad with a known security issue that would allow a hacker to take over the machine:

When Apple released its Safari browser with the catchy slogan “Secure From Day 1" it took only a few hours for major security holes to be exposed by hackers. (Note to Steve Jobs: Don’t challenge those guys. They WILL take you up on it!) Within days, the iPhone’s security had been unraveled and “unlocked” phones became available. And Apple publishes a manual on how to reduce security threats to their operating system. It is 270 pages long. It’s not that Apple is per se inferior to Microsoft, it’s just that it also isn’t per se superior. Just more obscure.

Last spring, a major security hole in Safari was exposed which allowed a remote user to completely take over a Safari user’s machine simply by accessing ports which the browser didn’t bother to close off.

A security patch was issued, but applied only to the desktop version. Months later the mobile version, which is used on iPad, still had not been patched, and the iPad was released with that known risk to users.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tons of FREE Stuff for Internet Marketers

So many gifts, so little time!
You could easily spend your whole weekend this week downloading and organizing free stuff!

These joint venture giveaways are still open, dispensing free tools and products on a daily basis:

Product Creation Giveaway
Great American Giveaway
Lady Angel Giveaway2
Viral Marketing Giveaway 11

These have just opened this week:

Ultimate PLR Giveaway
IM Giveaway

The Economic Stimulus Giveaway is set to open in a few days, and is still accepting JV partners. You can sign up to contribute a gift and get in on the list-building potential of JV giveaways, HERE.

(Courtesy of The e-Business Insider. Reprinted by permission.)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Nice HDTV Site

Looking for HDTV this year? Who isn't!

Another nice information site for you. Check the sitemap for a list of all the articles:

all about HDTV

Satellite Radio and Satellite TV

Shopping for satellite tv or radio this Christmas season?

Here's a site where you can get yourself a nice basic education before you buy:

all about Satellite TV and Radio

This site has over 70 different articles, check the sitemap page for the complete listing.

Remember: NEVER buy tech gadgets without educating yourself first!

Friday, December 7, 2007

More Gizmo-links for you

Here are a few more links to pages specifically dealing with particular tech-toy topics. Like the sites listed in my last posting below, these are informational sites, not sales pages, with a good deal of basic information collected in one place so you can educate yourself before spending your money.

Apple iphone

Personal Digital Assistant (pda)

Security Cameras

Remember, always educate yourself first. Don't leave yourself at the mercy of salespeople and advertising.